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Skilled Pipe Laborers

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Skilled Pipe Laborers

Challenge yourself to expand your skills and exceed expectations by joining the R&R family as a pipe laborer! R&R Construction is looking for men and women of integrity to help us give our clients the highest quality of service. Our team works together to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest standard of employee safety.

Pipe laborers and pipe layers work together to install sanitary sewer, storm sewer and Potable Water.  Both teammates work together performing manual tasks including shoveling dirt, cutting and connecting pipes, maintain proper depths, proficiency in using Laser technology for accuracy of depths, consistently working safely together improving productions while utilizing best practices.

Pipe Laborer Responsibilities

Understands trench safety requirements, soil types and use of various protective systems

Proficiency in labor equipment such as Shovels, cut-off saw and tampers

Safely Jack hammering asphalt/concrete as necessary

Safely Cutting Plastic and Ductile Iron Pipe as required

Accurately sets Structures including catch basins, manholes, outlet structures and meter pits

Skilled in using Pipe Laser for ensuring trenches are at correct grade and proper alignment

Connecting various pipe pieces by glue, slip jointing or mechanical fittings

Maintaining required pipe depth by checking laser beam or grade stakes

Cementing around pipes, inlets and manholes

Communicating with the operator about the alignment of the pipe by using hand signals to ensure the proper depth

Inspecting the pipe and fittings to ensure it is specified for the installation, clean and free of any defects

Review blue prints with Pipe Supervisor and help use best practices for accurate installations.